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Tacoma is a city of 219,000 people south of Seattle, a port city on the Puget Sound. Tacoma began as the western terminus of the Transcontinental Railway in 1864. Tacoma is also a port city and its motto became “When rails meet sails”. The city was a booming industrial town until the mid 20th century when suburbanization and disinvestment wound down the industrial output. In the 1990s the historic downtown district was revitalized and today is a place for shopping and entertainment along the waterfront. There are many picturesque parks scattered throughout the city. Seattle is just a 45 minutes north along Interstate 5. Majestic Mount Rainier towers less than an hour and a half away to the southeast. Schools in Tacoma are rated highly and the median price of a home is $462,000.

Tacoma, Washington

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